Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Satan's Work, I Tell You!

I've been making my living as a writer for more than 30 years. I write it, someone pays me and it gets published for people to buy. That's the natural order of things. You can understand, then, why this internet concept of "information wants to be free" sets my teeth on edge.

But, I suppose, like Costco giving away samples of pizza rolls and cheesecake in the aisles, sometimes you've just to give people a little taste of something before they know they're going to like it. Then they can pay for the big, industrial-sized pallet of pizza rolls.

So, it was in that spirit that I entered the blogosphere. And that I link with the Friends of Will and Gerry (, a site devoted to posting chapters not only of Will Jacobs and Gerry Jones's own works-in-progress (My Pal Splendid Man and Million Dollar Ideas) but of other writers as well. Every Sunday, they'll be adding new free fiction to the site; yesterday it was an excerpt from Joe Quirk's book, It's Not You. It's Biology: The Science of Love, Sex & Relationships (published by Running Press) and a short story by Mindy Newell (an old friend and, like Gerry Jones, a DC Comics writer of yore). Next week, there'll be more stuff, including another excerpt from my own Jew-Jitsu: The Hebrew Hands of Fury.

Check it out. You might just find you really like our pizza rolls.

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