Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NY Comicon 2011

A fine time was had by all! Met friends old and new, talked some business, took some pictures:

Me and the cover to the first LIFE WITH ARCHIE collection at the Archie Comics Booth
Power Girl and me
Me and Supergirl
Me and Plastic Man
From left to right: letterer extraordinaire John Workman, DC writer/production whiz Bob Rozakis, me (kneeling), DC writer/editor Jack C. Harris, writer/producer Michal Uslan, and DC Comics librarian Allan Asherman
Above was one of the best moments of the show for me (photo courtesy of Jack Harris). While I wasn't a member of the early-1970s group of young talent hired by DC Comics that became known as the DC Woodchucks, I was a fan on the fringe and friends with lots of these guys, and best pals with another Woodchuck, Paul Levitz. What's a Woodchuck? An explanation, courtesy of Bob Rozakis' blog, Anything Goes:

Back in the very early days of our careers at DC Comics, then VP/Production Manager Sol Harrison decided that we "kids" should put together a company-backed fanzine called Amazing World of DC Comics. He came to my desk and said, "Go get the rest of your pals and bring them to my office." So I went to my compatriots and said, "Sol wants to have a Junior Woodchucks meeting." I was making a joke, using the name of the faux-Boy Scouts that Huey, Dewey and Louie of Donald Duck fame belonged to. But the name stuck...and we became DC's Junior Woodchucks.