Thursday, November 20, 2008

The New York Times of Jew

Oy, I'm kvelling! A Google Alert for Jew-Jitsu: Hebrew Hands of Fury just pinged in and I clicked without even looking at where it linked. Where it linked was The Jewish Daily Forward, the New York Times of Jew, baby! They review it in a piece entitled "Being a Profound Critical Analysis of Contemporary Jewish Comedic Literature; Imbricated Theory and Praxis"Next we have Jew-Jitsu. This book ironically juxtaposes Orthodox Jewry and an ancient martial art. It has pictures (a plus!) and humorous Jew-Jitsu 'moves,' such as 'Advancing Through the Buffet.' It was also co-written by a rabbi, so I refuse to say anything negative about the book for fear of pissing off God, if He does in fact exist. My suggestion? Buy this book, or you will be smote."

I'm plotzing. This is, seriously, great exposure.


rob! said...

nice shout-out there!

maybe if my Aquaman book goes through, i can claim Arthur is Jewish, and get the book mentioned in the JDF, as well.

Paul Kupperberg said...

I dunno. Arthur's always looked a little too Aryan to pass for Jewish...