Friday, November 25, 2011

It's an ABSOLUTELY MAD, Mad, Mad, Mad World

A retailer friend tells me he's found a stash of the out-of-print ABSOLUTE MAD: 53 YEARS OF MAD MAGAZINE ON DVD-ROM, which includes every issue of the magazine from 1952-2006, over 600 issues, on a single disk. As I was DC Comics' in-house editorial liaison with the publisher of the disk I can vouch for its coolness (like, it allow you to actually fold-in Al Jaffee's Fold-Ins!), and while supplies last, as they say, you can get a brand-new, in-the-box copy for $39.99, plus shipping.

It's Black a beloved MAD one the perfect Holiday Gift, right here on eBay!

You can tell them I sent you but nobody really cares.

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